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Altman (Original Mix)
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First of all, I thank you for your work and I hope you'll spend a good working on my project.
I must precise the working frame I expect:
I'm interesting in your expertise only if you could provide me at the end separated groups (Drums - Fx - Bass - Synth - Guitar - Voices). The master mix is for the release and in order to play my music live I need mixed stems to modulate my track.
Now, about the track itself:
It's at a crossing between electro texture and a raw and rock energy and takes place in progressive and contrasted parts. I absolutely want to preserve those intentions.
I used guitars, analog synths, bass, some plug-ins and drums and vocal samples. This diversity of sources may needs some treatments to give to the whole track a more consistent range.
Furthermore, I'd like that my track sounds good on most support: headphones - laptop - stage systems.

In brief, I don't expect major modifications, just the right tweaks at the rights moments.

This track is the first one of my next EP.
Two others are also available on Moja Audio for mix contest.
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6 minutes 15 secondes
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Justice - Chemical Brothers
I quote those two artists because I think there is a color in common with my track. It's a good indication but my song doesn't have necessarily to sound like them.
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There is specificities here:
This song as already been mixed by a professional sound engineer. I wasn't convinced by the final result and I decided to rework the whole track adding voices presence. So it remains some tracks already mixed and clearly identifiable in their title as "BUS". If you face issues with those tracks, I can provide the original ones anytime.

I did (on purpose) the minimum of panning in order to let you the maximum of possibilities without loosing dynamic.
I didn't do any sidechain also. Even if it's basic stuff for a producer, it appears that I'm very bad at it.
In fact, beside the production treatment I only use Eq and a 3D mix tool.
I tell me: If the mix sounds good with the minimum of mixing treatment, it will sound very good with the work of someone who knows exactly what he does and manage to have outside view.
Finally I'd like to bring to your attention three tracks that need in my opinion specific treatment:
"Voice Lead": it remains too much some breathe I couldn't eliminate without altered the natural of the vocal.
"Voice Bjork Style": I didn't manage to find the right mix it at all.
"Synth Pad Atmosphere": The presence is threre but not there and it's too agressive in high frequencies as soon as I pump its volume.
Anyway, I think my rough mix is already pretty clear to demonstrate the whole idea, the color and the emotion of the track.
So, following your expertise, do what you feel.
Thanks again.
Oo KiDo