Only Sound Matters
You are a musician, are you looking for a mixing or mastering performance? Moja-audio offers you the opportunity to perform your choice on the only criterion that really counts: the sound rendition of your creation. No more tedious searches of a studio corresponding to more or less objective criteria, providers come to you and your choice is made on the quality of the work done.
Are you a sound engineer? It does not matter if you are a professional installed, enlightened amateur, student, a woman (yes, some prejudices persist!) or retired from the field: Moja-audio allows you to have access to mixing and mastering contests, and so be able to assert the quality of your work, without the judgment being influenced by a priori concerning your professional situation, the hardware you're using, your usual music styles or even your appearance (!).
At Moja-audio : "Only Sound Matters"
Whether you work with your DAW's stock plug-ins and Hi-Fi headphones, or quality analog hardware with a monitoring set costing the price of a car: the final result will be the only one judged.
Whether you are a beginner or in the business for 35 years: the final result will be the only one judged.
Whether you have long hair and a gothic style, an upside-down cap on your head, a flannel dress or a three pieces suit: the final result will be the only one judged.
Facilitate and encourage music creation
Audio post-production steps such as mixing and mastering are an integral part of a musician's artistic process. Finding the right audio engineer will no longer be a time-consuming and sometimes disappointing process, but rather a step in the process of artistic creation.
The comparison of the proposals and the exchanges with audio engineers from different horizons allows the musicians to develop their critical sense, to refine their expectations and to explore new sound territories.
Emulation related to the context of competition also allows audio engineers to excel themselves out of their comfort zone, by multiplying their experiences and confronting a new clientele and various musical styles.
Our remuneration policy: a fair price
The service offered by Moja-audio is a tool to facilitate collaboration between musicians and audio engineers. It's not about breaking the prices of the traditional market. All work deserves a correct salary, which is why Moja-audio determines by advance a minimum price for each service offered on the site.
These rewards are determined based on the average market prices of the traditional market, corresponding to the category of professionals we are addressing.
The musician who runs the contest until its end pays a price similar to the one he would have paid in an average studio near his home. As for the audio engineer, he receives for his part a salary in the average remuneration of his category. The goal is to maintain the profitability of its activity. Moja-audio is not intended to become the sole source of income for a sound engineer but rather a complement.
Finally, the commission charged to the competition platform remains modest compared to the costs of developing the site, its infrastructure and its maintenance. Moja-audio levies a commission, similar to the price of a commercial agent in many other areas.
Moja-audio wants to offer an innovative service at a competitive price guaranteeing rates that will satisfy musicians as well as audio engineers.
Fight against fraud
To comply with the rules against fraud and money laundering, our partner Mangopay does not allow payments incoming and outgoing only from a specific list of approved countries.
Moja-audio does not want to encourage unfair competition by allowing hidden or illegal work, Mangopay applies strict rules on the payment of users, as soon as the amounts exceed the amount of 1000 € annual.
Finally, checks are made to avoid undeclared work, money laundering or group financing. mafia / terrorist. Thanks to this we hope to have the guarantee that our sound engineers will be declared as sole-traders or companies, thus ensuring healthy competition with the already existing market.
Protection of the work of musicians and sound engineers
In order to respect the work of the musicians, Moja-audio does not allow all the visitors of the site to listen to the song in project on our platform. Only audio engineers validated by the site can register for the competitions and therefore access the rough mix and source tracks. At no time will anonymous visitors to the site or other musicians have access to the artistic content of the projects.
On the other hand, in order to protect the work of the audio engineers, as long as the competition is in progress, the musicians do not make their choice only from samples (40% of the total duration) of their song.
By accepting the Terms of Use of our site, musicians and sound engineers are committed to respecting the principles of confidentiality their exchanges, to respect the principles of copyright and mutual respect. For more information on the commitments Moja-audio: Terms.