Musician: how does it work?

Launch of a project
Go to our registration page and create your musician account. Create your project! Define the type: mixing, mastering or mix + mastering, and choose one of our packs according to your needs and your budget. Fill out our project creation form and send the different tracks of the song, as well as your rough mix. Finally, make your payment including the reward for the winner, as well as our service fees.
The Qualification phase
The project starts with the Qualifications phase, you will receive the various proposals from the participating audio engineers in the form of a sample (40% of the duration of the song, determined by you). Dialogue through the chat, listen and compare to determine the best samples you received. During this phase, the audio engineers will be able to send you up to 2 revisions. At the end of this phase, select the 2 or 3 finalists for your project.
The Final, the choice of the winner
Refine your expectations by sharing your thoughts up to 3 finalists selected and receive up to 2 improved versions of their work, still in the form of samples. Finally, decide on the sample that best suits you based solely on the sound criterion, and choose the winner of the project.
Finalization of the project
Refine your project with the winner of the project then receive the final audio files from him/her. Once the files have been received and meet your expectations, go to the project management page and click on "Finish". Moja-audio then makes the payment to the winning audio engineer.

Our values

Only sound matters
Don't be influenced by the image, hardware or reputation of an audio engineer. Listen to your intuition.
Guaranteed satisfaction
There is no risk, if none of the proposals is what you’re looking for, Moja-audio will reimburse you in full.
Digital but human
No machine can never replace the sensitive ear of a sound engineer who brings you a tailor-made service.
Moja-audio means that you can work with audio engineers from all over the world.
Pay the fair price
Moja-audio offers you an innovative comparison service while guaranteeing fair and reasonable rates.
Your creations are only accessible to the audio engineers who are members of our network, hand-picked by us.