Audio engineer: how does it work?

Registering on our platform
Get an invitation code, then create your "audio engineer" account. As soon as you have registered, you can choose to receive email notifications of new projects posted online, or follow us on social networks (Facebook, Twitter).
Participate in a project
Look out for new mixing or mastering projects, listen to the rough mixes and register for the projects by clicking on the "participate" button (according to your availability, deadlines, interest in the song, the reward payable). Read carefully the descriptions and options of the project, then download the tracks you are going to work on from the project page.
The Qualification phase
Prepare your Mixing or Mastering project, and discuss with the musician on our platform from the project management page, "Chat" tab. Then submit 1 to 2 samples of your work (sample determined by the musician at the creation of the project, representing 40% of the final song). The musician then makes his choice.
The Final
Only two or three finalists are selected by the musician. If you are selected, contact the musician again and refine your work in order to send him/her improved versions of the song, (2 samples maximum). The musician then determines the project winner and the Finalisation phase begins.
Finalization of the project
If necessary, refine the rendering of your project on the entire song, then send your final files via our secure platform. After validation from the musician, Moja-audio then makes the payment for your performance to your bank account.

why should you participate?

Expand your client base
Free yourself from geographical constraints and work remotely with our collaborative tools
Only sound matters
whatever your experience, your equipment, your personality, your usual client base, only the sound result counts
Earn money
Access a new source of income by winning projects at fair rates
Save time
Time wasted on looking for business can be devoted to using free studio time and working on your skills
access a wide range of songs in various styles, challenge your know-how and improve your skills
Become Premium
participate in the projects as often as you like and access advanced features