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Stem Mastering Gold
I explain you in english but i'm frensh so I Would like to interact in frensh with you.

Hi! I'm beginner on mixage/mastering so I will mention plugings/effects that I used to take. But if you must change it, just do it. Morever I'm french man and I sing in english. For the final result, I would like something to give a good vibe. This song is particularly for YouTube server. The first part of it seems to be a kick-drum: 1 verse for introducing song, 1 verse in which I rap fast (you will see that the lyrics are rather quickly during this song). The chorus will be better in "drum-romm" for something sweet an enticing on the ears. The 2 verses following seems to be "Bass Guitar",I would like to something impactful with good bass.
I know you'll work only on Mastering bug i'ts needed to let you know how i worked. Morever I mixe and REC with Logic Pro X lastest version. So for sum up, I would like song which impact, with a sweet, smooth sing on chorus. I added somes voices over for complete this Track but you can add on it!! This song must to look like an American song like for example : PostMalone, Drake, Wiz Khalifa... But of course i don't wanna the SAME at them, it's MY song... Thank for reading this and I hope you will understand me!
Languages ​​spoken by JLORIOT_
Duration of the song
4 minutes 20 seconds
Intended use
Digital, CD, Other
Musical style
R&B, Hip-Hop
Artists/Songs references
PostMalone, Wiz Khalifa, Migos, Rea Sremmurd, Tyla Yaweh, Tyga, Travis Scott....
Project options
Representative sample
Duration: 1mn44
from 1mn43 to 3mn27
Sound options
Additional technical information
For REC I used RodeMicrophone from Thomann ( mid-range), Macbook Air, good Loudspeaker and good soundcard. I think the recording is relatively correct. Of course I work in HomeStudio.

For the mixage I use Logic Pro X with somes free plug-ins added or directly on my DAW. This DAW doesn't seem to be optimized for mastering.