All Over Again

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All Over Again
Mastering Bronze
This song is a rock ballad influenced by nowadays musical style and is dedicated to my girlfriend father's death. It's a sad song who remained to stay positive with an outro that ends on guitar solo and an involved last verse.

All the music was written by me. I'm singer and guitarist (electric and acoustic). I composed this song with the help of a beat maker pad midi machine, a MPK synth and rode studio microphone.

It's probably not perfect but the idea remains to stay pure in the sound and catch the right moment that translates the authentic music way that I want to share.
Language spoken by MattiBWattson
Duration of the song
3 minutes 37 seconds
Intended use
Digital, CD
Musical style
Artists/Songs references
It's really difficult to define that... my music is a big mixed of lot of styles in the singing and guitar playing. Among the artist that I used to listen and probably influence me there will be :
- Chris Cornell : Pure & emblematic rock'n'roll voice ;
- Damien Rice : Poetic and emotional way of telling ;
- Dennis Loyd : simple music mixed with right instrument putting ahead sensibility ;
- Mackelmore : his flow in his way of speaking on low note make him recognizable among lot of other artist.
Project options
Representative sample
Duration: 1mn26
from 1mn55 to 3mn21
Sound options
Additional technical information
Among all instrument here's all the tracks :
- Electric Guitar (end of chorus 1 & 2 + Solo Outro) ;
- Fretless Bass Guitar + Cell Bass ;
- Violin (Pre-Chorus + Chorus) ;
- Beat Clap & Snap ;
- Voice divided in 5 steps : 1. OH OH OH ... effect ; 2. Verse 1 & 2 effect ; 3. Pre-chorus effect ; 4. Chorus Effect ; 5. Outro Effect