Interview: Indie Up visual

Interview: Indie Up

Amélie Martin presents us her Indie Up platform dedicated to the accompaniment of independent musicians. Its ambition today is to design and produce support through Masterclass and coaching that responds to the issues faced by its users: strategy consulting, exit from EP, promotion, business, legal issues, structuring, etc.

Amélie, can you tell us about your background and what made you think of Indie-Up?

I have always been passionate about music, and I knew very quickly that I wanted to work in this field. I started out as a copyright lawyer in music production & publishing, then as an artistic agent for composers of music for images. It was then a meeting with a talented artist that pushed me to embark on artist management and to support them on all fronts. My ambition is now to democratize artistic management for all artists and that's what led me to create Indie Up.

What services do you offer today?

Indie proposes to the artist to develop his project with managers, publishers, producers or bookers. Our objective is to support them on a daily basis so that they can develop their projects as true professionals. We are the first management team to develop a career. In concrete terms, we offer contacts with the right professionals selected for the artist, training to understand how the music industry works and personalized coaching.

How do you select the experts on your platform?

The first professionals selected are part of my network, I have already had the opportunity to work with them during my professional life. Then, this first network recommended other experts to me, and finally we have a questionnaire and interviews to select those who come to us.

What issues are you addressing today? What are the most frequent requests from musicians, their difficulties?

In general, I am contacted when the artist wishes to release a track, EP or album and wishes to be surrounded and accompanied to obtain maximum visibility.

When is it appropriate for a musician to be accompanied by a professional and why?

As soon as an artist wishes to professionalize his musical project, it is advisable to turn to Indie Up to understand the environment and work with the first partners. This takes the project to the next level.

What developments or new features do you plan to bring to your service in the coming years?

Be the largest online school for! For that, spoiler: we will finally develop our platform to facilitate networking!

If you had to take only one, what advice would you give to a musician who is starting his career today?

Create, compose, play!

What is THE last song you are listening to (it can be on a loop) right now and why?

Paris 1985 by Lecomte de Brégeot, an artist we accompany at Indie Up and who is a real electro bomb!

Crédit photo : Sarah Bastin