News from february 2019 : EP/Album mastering! visual

News from february 2019 : EP/Album mastering!

The mastering of an album is a work that must be done by a single audio engineer. Indeed, beyond the corrections made on each song, the mastering must bring a harmonization between them (volume, sound color, etc.). Until now, Moja-audio only offered "Single" mastering, song by song... From now on, you can launch a "EP/Album" mastering competition! This allows you to benefit from a complete mastering service, and to bring to your EP or album its final touch.

How it works?

When you launch an "EP/Album" mastering project, the first phase of the project will focus on one of the songs on the album, which you will choose as the most representative: it is on this "initial" song that the audio engineers will work. The project then proceeds as a "classic" project. Once the winner has been chosen, you will send the rest of the tracks to be mastered to the platform, and the selected audio engineer will be able to start working. After discussions and listening, you will receive all the finished songs and validate the work so the winner receives his reward.

You will find the various prices and packs (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Stems) when creating a project, or in the "our packs" page.

We hope that this new feature will allow you to take full advantage of your experience on Moja-audio, feel free to leave comments on this article, see you soon!