New features from January 2019! visual

New features from January 2019!

We are pleased to announce that two new features have been implemented in the past few days.... They were eagerly awaited by some of you! The "One-to-One" projects, which allow a direct collaboration with the audio engineer of your choice, and the "stems" mastering, which can be a good compromise for some people who hesitate between mixing and mastering. Here are some more detailed explanations....

"One-to-One" projects

After launching one or more projects, you will probably have found an audio engineer with whom you would like to work one-on-one, without going through a new project, while benefiting from Moja-audio's interface, payment security and our position as a trusted third party in the event of a conflict. Moja-audio now offers you this possibility with the "One-to-One" projects:

Click on the "One-to-One" thumbnail, choose your project type and pack, and then you will find in the form the list of finalists from your previous projects, who you can invite.

Determine the time you allow the audio engineer to answer the invitation, as well as the desired start and end dates of the project.

Upload your files and send the invitation! Once accepted, launch the project which will start directly in the finalization phase. You will collaborate on the entire song, because a "One-to-One" project is always a "guaranteed" project (no possibility of refund).

Stem mastering

Moja-audio now offers the possibility to master your music using the "stem mastering" technique. In summary, it consists in giving the audio engineer 2 to 6 "stems", which are stereo files each containing several of your tracks (detailed explanation).

It is common to make 4 stems: a stem with the drums and percussive elements, a stem with the bass, a stem with the voices, and a stem that contains everything else. This allows more flexibility in mastering than if you work from the full export of the mix:
  • - if the bass comes out too loudly or too quietly, it will be possible to modify the volume of the bass stem
  • - if the equalization has accentuated the "sss" on the voice, it will be possible to add a "de-esser" only on the voices stem
  • - if the bass drum is too dull, it will be possible to clarify it on the drum stem without interfering with the bass
  • - ...
You will find this new category in the mastering projects. Since this requires more work from the audio engineer, the reward for a stem mastering project is higher than for a classical mastering project.

We hope that these new features will allow you to enjoy your experience on Moja-audio even more fully, do not hesitate to leave comments on this article, see you soon!