New features from December 2018! visual

New features from December 2018!

After two months rich in experience, and many user feedback, as many musicians as audio engineers, we are proud to launch a new version of the site today, hoping to best meet your expectations ! Here is a list of the new features and some explanations...

New chat interface for mucisians

Many musicians have told us of their frustration at not being able to simply switch from one chat to another, in order to talk more simply with the audio engineers. A new interface now replaces the "Chat" tab that was only available for one participant. On the left you will find all the participants, with the usual notifications, their status (and other information), and on the right, the conversation. It only takes one click to switch from one discussion with a audio engineer to another:

Volume standardization for Mixing competitions

The perceived volume is not important at the mixing stage, because there is no question of working the overall volume there (this aspect is dealt with in mastering). However, a known psycho-acoustic effect means that, in general, for the same song, a version with a few more decibels will almost always give the impression of being better mixed. To make it easier for musicians to judge the audio engineer's samples, it is now required to comply with a standard loudness when sending the sample. This will allow the sound engineers to be judged on an equal footing, and the musician to make his choice more serenely.

Thanks to a partnership with Youlean Loudness Meter (one of the main loudness measurement plugins), Moja-audio checks before you send the file that it complies with the requested loudness standard, guaranteeing a similar volume between all the extracts:

Possibility to protect your works on the blockchain

Before launching a competition, a musician may legitimately want to protect his work. We are currently in the process of setting up a partnership with BlockchainYourIp, a specialist in blockchain work protection.

For the moment a simple link allows you from the project management page to access our partner's site, very soon the protection of your song will be able to be done directly from the Moja-audio interface.

The chat now offers emoticons ! 😀

In the chat, a button allows you to display or hide a selection of emoticons, to enhance your conversations....

2 major new features

- The musician now has the possibility, when creating the project, to disable the chat before the final phase. This feature has been requested by some users, who would have preferred to choose the samples sent during the qualification phases, and only discuss or request modifications in the final phase.

- A audio engineer will now only be able to access the samples of the other participants in the project if he or she is not selected for the next phase. Indeed, some audio engineers complained that in the final, some finalists would have been freely inspired by their work, having been able to listen to it from the end of the Qualification phase. Without confirming or denying this statement, we believe that it is indeed more fair that as long as a audio engineer is qualified, it is unnecessary for him to be able to listen to the samples of the other participants, even from previous phases...


In addition to these changes, many technical aspects of the site have been optimized to improve performance and significantly accelerate the display of pages. While waiting for the many new features planned for the year 2019, we hope you will enjoy these innovations on Moja-audio ! Feel free to comment on this article!