Birth of an innovative concept visual

Birth of an innovative concept

Nicolas Perego, founder of the site Moja-audio, was trained at the SAE in Paris, then he practiced the profession of audio engineer in his own recording studio for about ten years. From his experience in this field and his encounters, both with musicians and with other audio engineers, he understood that improvements could be made to the traditional audio post-production system.

His experience has allowed him to highlight the complexity, even the absurdity, of choosing a studio over another : it is not possible for musicians to try several of them for obvious cost reasons. Only references, equipment, reputation or prices can be used to make a choice. However, this selection should only be done on a single criterion: the final sound of their creation.

On the other hand, Nicolas notes that a majority of audio engineers work alone and that it is difficult for them to combine, in addition to their core business, a commercial approach with potential customers.

In 2013, Nicolas Perego focused his career on IT development. After 4 years to improve in this field, the creation of a web platform that compensates for imperfections of the audio post-production system has become a matter of course for him.

Born from these different observations, Moja-audio offers musicians from all over the world the opportunity to launch paid mixing competitions or mastering and to make their choice on the only criterion that really counts: the sound. On the other hand, it allows audio engineers to easily position themselves in markets to which they would never have had access.