What can you expect from a mix or a mastering? visual

What can you expect from a mix or a mastering?

At first glance, mixing may seem simple, but it's not enough to sit in front of your computer and click on a few plugins to get a professional mix. This requires experience, talent, and sometimes specific equipment. The mixing stage is of crucial importance for the final rendering, don't forget it! Even an excellent mastering will not be able to catch up with an average mix, because it does not allow you to do the same thing...
How can I protect my music? visual

How can I protect my music?

Today, thanks to new technologies, the distribution of musical creations has never been so easy. As soon as your work leaves your private circle, it is important to ensure that you are protected from any fraudulent use of it (theft, plagiarism...). As an author, you need to know the best way to protect your music and assert your rights in the event of a legal dispute. Several solutions are available to you here are some examples:
Birth of an innovative concept visual

Birth of an innovative concept

Nicolas Perego, founder of the site Moja-audio, was trained at the SAE in Paris, then he practiced the profession of audio engineer in his own recording studio for about ten years. From his experience in this field and his encounters, both with musicians and with other audio engineers, he understood that improvements could be made to the traditional audio post-production system.